Whisper stories: Dark side of holidays!

Holiday season is a time of joy and celebration – and if you don’t have that special guy with whom you can share your feelings and travel the world, it’s time to join yec.com! Meanwhile, let us take a look at the dark side of holiday season – dealing with some homophobic friends and family!

I'm out in college and I've never felt more free. Not looking forward to spending Christmas with my relatives who will ask if I have a girlfriend yet.
My bigoted, gay-bashing grandparents sent me money for Christmas, a charitable donation is being made in their name to GLAAD
The Christmas holidays are really just me trying to  stay away from my house so I don't  have to face my homophobic family
I just came out to my family by saying "You guys, you know, the Christmas tree is straight, but I'm not"
As a gay teen who isn't accepted by his parents, I'm not looking forward to Christmas
I joined the army to prove to my parents that I'm not reliant on them for everything. I love my job. I'm gay, my mom just told me I can't talk to my sister cause I'm a bad example. Never going home again. Xmas is gonna be lonely
every holiday or family event I bring my best friend as my girl friend instead of my boyfriend because I don't want my family to know I'm gay and have a boyfriend he hates it
I'm coming out to my family by bringing my boyfriend home for Christmas.
Going to ask my homophobic parents if they want to have Christmas at mine and my partners this year. Let's see how well this goes.


I won't be seeing my man for Christmas, not because he's in the military, but because we're gay and he's still in the closet... 

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