Coming out = Xmas present? Adorable!

The Internet (we can imagine it as the ever watchful eye of Sauron) recently noted a particularly talented Imgur user who decided to come out to his family… For Xmas! But instead of going the usual way, i.e. telling them he is gay, he decided to employ his creativity and tell his family that he’s gay in a fun way!

First he made a, well – closet! That’s an obvious reference to the whole coming out of the closet process.

When you open a closet, you will find a small cardboard cutout of the author – presumably the cardboard doll resembles him greatly.

And once they open up the present, they’ll get the whole message! Isn’t this a fun way to finally come out to your family? Of course, a couple of nasty trolls had comments like “Why does it matter what you are? The gift has NOTHING to do with Christmas“, but someone else responded: “Christmas is about family. Coming out means sharing a deeply personal secret with the family. Sounds like it has a lot to do with Christmas. [He] is giving a very personal gift to the family. I think it’s awesome, providing the family is accepting.”

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