Simon Dunn: Out and proud!

Ever heard of Simon Dunn? He’s a former Australian bobsledder and now a rugby player living in Canada – and he came out a while ago, sharing his stories with the world.

When I came out to my family I was kicked out of home. Why? Because I was true to myself and my family didn’t understand at the time. I don’t sit here now and write this with contempt – my family has accepted me since.. Because that reaction was a response to something that took me my entire life to accept. What I struggled with is the fact it took me that long. The fact it was something I should have ever felt ashamed of.”

I’ve always been reluctant to be public about my life because I worry people will will judge me and I wont be considered a role model, I’ve worried that these admittances will prevent that, but I can no longer sit by and watch.

I’m blessed to have been given a profile and public influence, using it for the right thing is more important than anything for me.”

Please know you’re not alone. If you’re feeling down I beg that you seek help. I will never deny life isn’t a battle, but please keep on fighting the good fight.


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