Overwatch gets a gay character!

The gamers among us will know what Blizzard is – it’s a huge name in the gaming industry. When Blizzard whispers, the gaming world stops and listens, and this time Blizzard made the headlines with something nice and gay-related – they just published that one of the leading characters in Overwatch is lesbian!

The character in question is Tracer, which is very important because Tracer is something like a mascot for Overwatch (right from the trailer we had a chance to see). Of course, like just about anything else in the gaming world, this decision polarized the consumers: some have applauded the decision as brave, while others went on to rant about “political correctness” and “diversity” going haywire.

It was announced that she will also “be gay” in comics, which led to all kinds of hilarious comments from bigots.


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