Winter’s delights: Funniest snowmen!

Unless you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere warm, some place where there is no snow (we’re thinking of exotic beaches and summer delights right now, and can help you get there)… Well, you’re stuck with snow. But snow can be a lot of fun – especially when you’re making snowmen! Who hasn’t made a snowman at least once? It’s so easy (carrot, a couple of pebbles for eyes and mouth) but these guys really took it to the next level!

Chill out and relax in the sun snowmen!

Careful, the road is frozen snowman!

Hillbilly snowman!

Artsy snowman – this goes in the area “sculptures made of snow”!

Snowmen can get angry, too!

Now, this is a true work of art – and it’s beautiful!

Gulliver snowman and Lilliput snowmen!

I know what you did last summer or Scream snowman!

Shark attack snowman!

Bring me back my friend – points for originality!

I’m just too tired to go to work today snowman!

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