Meet Gary Bremen – gay park ranger!

We often read about various celebrities who just made a big splash coming out – but sometimes we forget that there are heroes all around us who give inspiration and strength to others. Heroes like Gary Bremen! He’s a National Park Service ranger who works in Biscayne National Park, leading boat tours and hikes and various other informational exercises.

I feel like the creation of Stonewall National Monument has given me permission to talk about things I never felt I could talk about or was afraid to talk about before“, said Bremen.

I was pretty nervous about telling my coming out story at Coral Gables High School because that is where I did my student teaching,” he said. “In fact, we did the program in the same classroom that I did my student teaching. I started to twitch as I walked in. I was nervous about telling my coming out story to kids who laughed and made fun of me when I was a kid. But it wasn’t that way this time, there was no laughs or snickers. It’s just normal for them now.”


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