Anton Hysen speaks about his coming out!

We’ve recently written about Anton Hysen, the hunky Swedish football player who is only the second football player in the world to publicly come out. This cute 26-year old Swede is the son of ex-Liverpool and Sweden defender Glenn Hysen and brother to former Swedish international Tobias Hysen.

The way [Offside] presented my story was they contacted my father and they had an interview with him. In one way or another they then came to me and talked about me and said I was openly gay to my family and some of my team-mates. And therefore they wanted to make a story about it. So they sent me a letter and said they want to make a story about it. They asked me respectfully, ‘Do you want to do this or not? This could help a lot of people but we respect it if you do not want to do it’ because there could be a lot of noise after. And then it came out.

Reactions? “I’ve heard some people in the stands saying some things like ‘stop playing like a girl or something.”

I get anonymous stuff. I know there are so many out there and statistically there is two in every team they say. I’ve had anonymous emails and texts after I came out.


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