Colby Keller’s coming out!

Of course, we’re not daft – Colby Keller is out for quite a while now, and when we’re at it, he’s not only out, but we’ve seen him countless times in his b-day suit! This adult entertainment star came to mainstream media with his famous kiss in front of that church which we will not name (check out the story here), but this time he spoke about his coming out experience… And it wasn’t all roses and fireworks.

“It was a real revelation. My father … he was really supportive. He was crying. He was doing everything he could in the language that he possessed to try and comfort me and make it okay for me.”

But his mom took the news badly: ‘This great, upstanding Christian woman, she’s angry. She’s trying to read the Bible which I’m like, “No, we’re not going to do this. She tells me, “I wish I had a gun so I could kill you and then blow my own brains out all over this sofa. I love my mother and she really is a beautiful human being. But I stopped calling her “mother” after that. To this day I really don’t call her mother because of that incident.”

You can listen to the whole story here.

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