Meet Jake Martin, the only gay gymnast!

Ohio State men’s gymnastics team recently voted on who’s gonna be their new captain. And Jake Martin won! That wouldn’t be an interesting news but Jake Martin is believed to be the only openly gay college gymnast in the US!

Martin is openly gay and has a lot of support from his teammates. One of them recounted their experience when Jake took them to a Pride parade. “He was smiling ear to ear. I think we all were. We were all in a positive place with a lot of positive energy. It really did have a huge effect on all of us. … It really is one of my best memories here at Ohio State.” Another former colleague stated: “When Jake came to school, he might not realize it, but him and another freshman that came in his year, they were more so saviors of our team and pioneers. First, they were themselves as people, and second, the way they carried themselves in gymnastics made a difference in how our team shifted and allowed them to achieve great things.”

Martin himself stated: (ever since I came out) “the atmosphere of the gym has changed dramatically, especially with the acceptance of queer people.”

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