Going south: Best gay bars in Jacksonville!

Looking for a nice gay bar in Jacksonville, Florida? Well, the first thing you need to do is to log on to your yec.com account and find a travel buddy – or a friendly local who’d love to show you the sights! But if you’re flying solo, it’s time to check out these excellent gay bars in Jacksonville!

If you’re looking for a friendly neighborhood bar, look no further than Park Place! Park Place is known for its friendly staff and local patrons – you’ll feel right at home!

If you’re looking for fun, drag entertainment, go-go guys and hot shirtless men – it’s time to visit In Cahoots! Hop hop nights, casino events, theme parties, regular weekly events… In Cahoots has it all: friendly bartenders, hot local guys, newcomers and superb drag performers!

The Metro is the biggest, most bad-ass gay club in Jacksonville – and it has a unique concept! The Metro has everything – with different areas dedicated to different kinds of going out: “Disco” – the name says it all; “Boiler Room” – go-go guys and hot theme parties; “Club Shadows” – drag entertainment; “Game Room,” – arcade games, pool, bar; “Rainbow Room” is a chill out piano bar, less crowded and more intimate. “Tiki Bar” – semi-open area for cocktails and enjoying the breeze and “Sapphos” – girls’ corner!

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