Reverse problem: Too supportive family!

The usual problem with coming out to family is, well, a family that’s not very supportive. But one reddit user (aptly named I feel cursed) has a reverse problem – his family is TOO supportive!

The guy came out to his family during traditional barbecue… But that started all kinds of weird reactions; well, not so much weird as cute and kinda creepy. “Ever thought of wearing lipstick“, someone asked – but they also said “We’re so proud – it’s okay to be gay. Now, all they talk about is how I’m gay. Nothing else I do matters.”

My father [64M] even suggested that I wasn’t really interested in mountain biking (I’ve been biking since I was eight and it is a favorite hobby of mine) and didn’t need to “fake it” anymore now that I wasn’t in the closet.”

After that, his family threw him a surprise Labor Day party complete with “coming out” banners and whatnots. “I’m very disappointed at learning how stereotypical my loved one’s views of homosexuality are. I used to admire these people, but they clearly no longer think highly of me. I’m just ‘the gay one’ now. It’s very emasculating and embarrassing. I think they would still respect me if I were straight. I am starting to hate my sexuality.

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