Gays in sports: Secret whispers!

When you’re gay and playing sports, things can be tough: though stories about supportive teammates and gay-friendly coaches are making the headlines, we all know that things are slow to change. Take a look at these stories – they’re coming right from Whisper!

I'm a great soccer player and I love being on the team, but if they ever found out i'm gay i'm afraid they'll never treat me as one of the guys again.
I'm a highschool athlete, since someone already  knows I'm gay.... what's the point of hiding in the closet....wish me luck!!!!
I hate my hockey team because they use "gay" as an insult. They don't know I'm gay and I guess they never will.


I play rugby and am quite masculine but I'm gay and can't tell anyone about it
It sucks being a gay athlete because you can't really participate in "locker room talk" with the other guys on your team.
My football coach said he didn't want any gay people on the team. Does this mean I have to quit?  I feel awkward being around him now knowing he feels this way.
I'm gay and i play soccer and it's so many bulges i can't keep my head in the game
I just joined my college wrestling team. I keep thinking that the other guys know I'm gay but no one has said anything to me yet.
I came out to a couple of the guys on my basketball team and now they're being weird. Now I know why gay athletes stay in the closet
I'm gay and I play junior level hockey. I want to get good enough to go pro but that means I would have to be closeted forever. I don't want that life.
I'm an out gay athlete. My teammates are supportive of me and even ask if I have a boyfriend (I don't). Acceptance is possible!
I'm a gay guy and I have frequent panic attacks thinking about how I will come out to my soccer team. I know I have to do it for my own sanity or else I'll continue to feel bad.

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