New experiences… Before marriage!

Yep, guys definitely want to be with other guys – but these guys are now married! They’re still thinking about it, though… But if you want to find a guy who’d love to marry you – it’s time to check out!

Married but wife doesn't know I'm bi. Last time I experimented with a guy was before we met.
I got married a few years ago but I find myself thinking about sleeping with a man. I feel guilty but I sort of regret getting married young. I didn't experiment at all
I'm a man married to a woman and I've never been with another man before but I always thought that I secretly could be. I wish my wife knew
I love being married to my wife. She's my soulmate. But I find myself wanting to experiment with men. Why?
Been married 10 years but I do wish I experimented with another guy beforehand. I hate that it's too late now
I've always been attracted to men but now I wish I had experimented a little before I got married
I wish that I experimented with men before I married my wife. She's not into it :(
I find myself fantasizing about men even though I'm married. I wish I had just one gay experience before committing my life to my wife
I love my wife very much but lately I've been thinking about being with a man and I wish I had done something about it before getting married.
I wish I would have experimented with my bisexual urges before I married my wife.

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