Being single and gay – is it so scary?

Is being single so scary? Take a look at these stories from Whisper – but if you want to meet a cute guy who loves to travel, come to and enjoy flirting with interesting men!

As a gay dude I never did fret about being single, but as I'm getting older I'm scared I'll end up alone with 16 dogs lol
I hate being single, but I've no idea how to meet other gay guys.
Sometimes as a gay man I enjoy being single, just for the simple fact that I don't have to deal with someone else's B.S.
I'm gay and single for the first time in a long time it's refreshing but upsetting and weird
I'm crushing on my manager. He's gay and single. I'm gay and single. Yet, I can't ask him out. I hate it.
I'll be single forever because gay men are the worst...
I've only been single for a month but I am so bored... I don't know how other gay guys do this. I probably shouldn't try dating for awhile anyway
I'm a single gay guy and all I want is a husband... until I take a close look at my friends' relationships and I'm all like "ew but not like that."
I think I'm starting to prefer being single. As a gay man I've tried for years to find a boyfriend and now I don't care anymore. I feel relieved.
I'm a single gay guy because I know what I'm worth and I'm waiting for someone to appreciate that
I'm a single gay guy and everyday I hope to find my prince. It still hasn't happened but I'm remaining optimistic I will find true love ❤️
It's hard being gay and not at all on "the scene". All I want is an old school romance. Strings attached.

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