Meet the cutest Polish gay couple!

Chances are you’ve never heard of Jakub Kwiecinski and David Mycek. Of course you haven’t – they’re just two ordinary (albeit very cute) Polish guys who wanted to get married just like any other gay man in a committed relationship would want. And while they’re making viral videos to increase the visibility of gay people in (increasingly homophobic) Poland, they’ve been constantly denied the right to marry.

Our video became popular in Poland but fame came in pair with hate and threats. We received many messages like: ‘You should be sent to gas chamber,’ ‘I will cut your throat when I meet you,’ ‘Your neighbors are coming after you.’” said Jakub.

So they got the idea to marry in Portugal – it’s all in the EU, after all. “All foreigners getting married in Portugal require this document except UK nationals,” Jakub stated. “When you apply in Poland for it you need to put the name of your partner. They reject all the homosexual applications.

If we can’t get married in our country, we wanted to choose a place that is close to our hearts,” David said. “There are countries where it is easier to get marriage permission, but we chose Madeira because we fell in love with this Island few years ago, and since then we visit it every year. We thought it through and decided that our story might be inspired for other people in our country and we will take our friend with us who will record it and we might do something on our own to share with other people.

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