Visiting Japan: What to bring home?

Japan is unlike any other culture on our planet (in fact, some more paranoid minds might think that Japanese people descended from another solar system and made a new home on their islands) – it’s always trendy, hip, campy and unpredictable, with its own trends, tradition and customs! So, if you happen to be in Tokyo or any other beautiful Japanese city, you’ll want to bring home a souvenir – or get one for your guy from!


Tenugui is a thin towel or a cloth – usually dyed in colorful pattern or even hand-painted. It can be used as a kitchen cloth, decoration or gym towel, but one thing is certain – it’s original!

Anything cat-related!

It doesn’t matter if you actually have a cat – from cat kimonos and samurai outfits, to lucky cats and cat key chains; Japan is your country for anything even remotely related to cats! Forget ancient Egypt; the level of cat-ness in Japan would be too much even for ancient pharaohs!


Omamori are, simply, good luck charms – like four leaf clover or Greek and Turkish nazars. They’re usually sold near religious shrines or Shinto temples and each one is dedicated to a particular deity, protecting one against something or promoting good luck in certain aspects. It’s a beautiful gift (plus it doesn’t take a lot of space).

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