Hosting 101: How to charm him?

So, the dreadful day has come: you have to be a host of the dinner party. It doesn’t matter if you have one guy from flying over the get to know each other better, or you’re inviting dozens of people; you still have to make everything perfect and complement your travel stories with good food and excellent wine. Let us take a closer look of common mistakes which you need to avoid at any cost!

Favoring Champagne over Prosecco

Prosecco is a great way to make it easy on your budget – instead of expensive Champagne, use Prosecco and make an excellent Aperol Spritz cocktail!

Don’t forget to have an aperitif

Fruit brandies can be powerful, strong and pack quite a punch – they’ll also open anyone’s appetite!

Don’t forget to match food and wine

Don’t serve white wine with red meat and vice versa – strong reds won’t go well with fish! Thanks to our handy illustrated guide, you’ll be the master of your own dinner party!

And if you’re not sure what kind of main dish you’ll be serving, well – we’ve already taken care of that!

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