Visiting Brussels: Hot gay bars!

If you’re an international traveler (thanks to everyone is), chances are that you’ll end up in Brussels sooner or later – it’s one of the most beautiful cities of western Europe, transport hub and economic center, but also a city with a hugely developed gay night life!

La Reserve is the oldest gay bar in Brussels – and it still packs a punch! With a clientele that ranges from locals to tourists, older and younger, muscle guys and bears, La Reserve is a friendly place where you can get a good drink and meet someone new.

If you’re looking for entertainment, look no further than Chez Maman – it’s a massively popular drag hot spot, hosted by Maman herself; the crowd is mixed, the drinks are cool and the performers know how to make you laugh!

But if one is in a darker, hotter mood, one would want to visit the Stammbar – it’s the place to be if you’re looking for cruising! Modern, stylish and dark, but powerful, packed with hot guys of all ages, Stammbar will dazzle you!



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