Magnificent: Cool monuments!

We love to visit different places, countries and cities – and that goes double for all globetrotters! But if you need something to make your friends green with envy once you come back, something truly extraordinary that will impress your new friend (or potential boyfriend), check out these unusual and interesting monuments around the world!

We’ve already told you what to do in Zurich, but if you’re ever visiting Bern in Switzerland, make sure to check out the Child Eater Fountain (Kindlifresserbrunnen)! Speculated to be the statue of Krampus, evil spirit who punished misbehaving children during festive season, Greek titan Kronos or some historical figure, it’s been putting fear and discipline in the hearts of the young ones for centuries!

Well that’s one way to tell your kids to behave!

The Headington Shark is certainly not something you see every days: lower half of a shark sticking out of a house in Oxford, England! It’s a sculpture by Bill Heine, a local who wanted to express his feelings about (then still fresh) Chernobyl disaster. A subject of controversy, it was allowed by one of Her Majesty’s ministers to stay untouched. It’s that British sense of humor!

Headington Shark!

The Fremont Troll (a.k.a. Troll Under the Bridge) is a sculpture in Seattle under the George Washington Memorial Bridge, playing on the popular folk stories of trolls living under bridges. It’s huge, weighting more than 6 tons, but the best part is that it’s interactive –  meaning that visitors can climb on him and freely take pictures!

Troll under the Aurora Bridge in Seattle, Washington.

Honorable mentions:

  • Giant Gundam robot that was displayed at a time in Tokyo – the Japanese sure love their manga and anime!
  • Futuristic alien monuments of former Yugoslavia.

Gundam in Tokyo.

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