Staying healthy: Fruit desserts!

The summer is still months away, and while that means that can help you visit some of the world’s best gay beaches in due time, it also means that you’ll want to look your best on the aforementioned beach. That means stop chugging down fast food and unhealthy drinks and starting to pay attention to what you eat. And if you have a sweet tooth and often crave for a bit of sugar, take a look at these healthy (or at least healthier) dessert options!


If you’re craving ice cream more often than not, think about switching to sorbets – they’re made out of fruit juices, syrup and water instead of milk, cream and egg yolk; they have about 100 calories less compared to ice creams, and can be just as tasty!

Fruit canapés

If you just can’t stop eating canapés, it’s time to put some fruit and berries on them: peaches, pears, apples and any kind of berries would do just fine. If you can use some mint or basil to season them, all the better!

Baked peaches

Fruit stuffed with fruit – it’s the best! Take some dried peaches and stuff them with other dry fruit, a dash of bread crumbs and some almonds. Bake them until they start getting brown and enjoy them with your sorbet!

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