Winter food: Charm him with desserts! (I)

So, you’ve met your cute guy on  and you’ve travelled, or planning to travel together. But you still need to charm him with your skills, not just with your good looks. And is there a better way to show someone your love and dedication by making a nice winter dessert? Check out these beautiful cakes and delicious desserts which are also (duh!) not hard to make!


Eggnog cheesecake dip is one of those desserts that immediately invokes the feeling of Christmas! Get the full recipe here – it’s really not that hard to make!

Peppermint Bark ice cream (no churn) is a great way to make your (boy)friend feel special: it’s got that homely feel, tastes great and – doesn’t require multi-hour preparation! Recipe? Here!

Looking for something more classy, something that will lend an air of glamour to your winter dinner? It’s time for champagne cakes! They’re cute, delicious, tasty and go incredibly well with any kind of wine! Prep instructions here!

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