Tipping? Nope, anti-gay slur!

Dating has its rules, but one amidst many is that if your partner is rude to a waiter or staff, it’s time to go… without him! This case happened in Louisville, Kentucky, in local Buffalo Wild Wings. Kyle Griffith, server, had two girls as customers… and after they left, he saw a very nasty note written on the bill. “And it said ‘Sorry I don’t tip fa**ots,’ and then said ‘#UNeedJesus,’ and it just crushed me that someone could say something like that. I depend on those tips to be able to pay my bills and everything else – to live, to eat, everything.”

I want to be able to tell everyone that this is not a lie, that this is truth, this is an everyday happening,” he says. ”It’s an occurrence that … can’t happen any longer. It’s got to stop. The hate has to stop. There’s no reason for it.”

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