Buenos Aires: Best gay places!

We’ve already covered Buenos Aires (by giving you a few places where you can have a good time with your friend from yec.com), but it’s time to check out best gay watering holes!

Glam Disco is where you go when you want to feel young (or you’re actually in your 20es or 30es). The crowd is wild, there are go-go boys dancing all night long, and the drinks are excellent! If you want to put your dancing shoes to good use, it’s time to hit Glam Disco!

Contramano is a bear club with extremely friendly atmosphere, fantastic staff and huge selection of drinks: at Contramano you’ll feel like you’re in your local, neighborhood bar, drinking with old gay friends!

Sitges (which is not to be confused with actual Sitges, a gay haven on Spanish Mediterranean coast) is a beautiful gay bar that caters to diverse clientele: from straight couples to gay singles, friends, groups and whatnot, you’ll have zero trouble finding fun at Sitges!




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