Gay in NFL? Maybe!

Openly gay NFL players are on pair with water in Sahara – they’re both practically non-existent! But according to offensive tackle Joe Thomas from Cleveland Browns, things are ripe for change.

Joe Thomas

Thomas remembered Brad Thorson, his teammate at the University of Wisconsin. “In college at the University of Wisconsin, Brad Thorson was one of my good friends and teammates, a friend of mine. He was not out when we were playing together and he came out a couple of years ago.”

Brad Thorson

It’s amazing the opinions in the locker room have changed 180 degrees from when I first started playing football to where they are right now.”


I think every locker room in the NFL would accept an openly gay teammate with open arms, where it was such a taboo thing to even talk about when I first got into the league. That speaks to the tremendous progress that LGBT issues have had in our country in such a short period of time.


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