Britain pardons victims under “Turing law”!

If you’ve watched the “Imitation Game” recently, you probably remember the fate of Allan Turing (don’t mix it up with Turing Test, which determines if the A.I. is self-aware and advanced enough). In UK, thousands of gay men were convicted for “gross indecency” under the law. But the bit of good news is that Britain recently decided to pardon all these men who were convicted for nothing more than just being gay.

The law to overturn these rulings got the royal assent (which is the last stage of law becoming valid in the UK). This will give an automatic pardon to men who passed away before the law came into force, and makes it possible for living convicted gay men to ask for pardons for offenses no longer on the statute book. In memory of Turing, the law is called “Turing’s Law”.

Turing killed himself in 1954 after he was subjected to chemical castration as punishment for homosexual activity. “This is a truly momentous day. We can never undo the hurt caused, but we have apologized and taken action to right these wrongs” stated justice minister Sam Gyimah.

The Imitation Game



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