Will Ben Whishaw be the next Dr Who?

You’re probably familiar with the longest running sci-fi show in existence: Doctor Who! If you love to watch Doctor’s travels through space and time (well, if you love travels, yec.com can certainly help you with that – we don’t have a TARDIS, but there are plenty of cute guys in our club), then you’ve probably heard the news that Peter Capaldi will not be returning as the Doctor after 2017.

But interesting fact is that bookmakers are giving a pretty big chance to Ben Whishaw to become the next Doctor! Ben was rumored to become the next Doctor after Mat Smith left, but Capaldi was chosen instead.

For those of you who don’t know him,  Ben Whishaw is openly gay and has plenty of good roles behind him – this British actor is young, cute and talented! He came out in 2013 publicly, and also won a BAFTA nomination for best actor! Fingers crossed!

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