Cuddle movie time!

Are you hoping to impress your (boy)friend that you just met on Well, a good idea is to invite him to your place and watch some movies together – this tradition usually leads to, lets say, romantic results! But it all depends upon the movie you’ll show, because it will set the tone for the evening!

Brent Corrigan needs no introduction, and if you want a gay version of Boogie Nights, this is your movie! It shows the world of gay adult entertainment and has some pretty interesting leads (including James Franco and Christian Slater).

Hot guys undressing on stage? Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL are both kind of dramas, kind of comedies, and pretty much pure entertainment. You can legitimately enjoy in undressed guys with your man and have all kinds of innuendos and puns. Of course, you can always demonstrate your own skills with the dancing pole and impress your paramour!


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