Charm him with desserts!

When you’re trying to cook something for that gorgeous guy you met on, there are several things to consider. First, while tastes are different and diverse, rare is the person who’d refuse something sweet. Second, you need something to go with gloomy winter days and make them more bearable. And third, you need a recipe that doesn’t involve unicorn hair, phoenix egg and Himalayan dew. With that in mind, check out our recommendations for great winter desserts!

Sparkling cranberry white chocolate cake might sound like a lot of work, but in reality it’s a really simple cake: the name list most of the ingredients! Depending on your decorations, you can easily make it into a centerpiece – check out the recipe!

Looking for something that has that special pzazz?  Well, bourbon cookie butter cups will certainly make you feel light on your feet – thanks to all that bourbon and sugary goodness! Follow the recipe and dazzle him completely!

Christmas vanilla roll cake is probably the king of winter desserts. It’s a roll cake, and who doesn’t love those? You can sprinkle it, put some healthy fruit on it or in it, serve it in a million different ways – it’s always a great addition to your winter dinner!

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