Get ready for Songkran!

Have you found your travel mate on Perhaps you did, perhaps you didn’t, but one thing is certain – you should definitely visit Thailand this April! It’s almost time for Songkran – Thai traditional new year celebration!

Songkran starts on April 13 every year and lasts for 3 days – and those are three wild days filled with fun and games! Songkran is also known as the “Water Festival” because the Thai believe that water washes away everything that’s negative and ushers positive emotions and energy.

Of course, there is a gay area in Silom (part of Bangkok) where all the gay bars are – and they’re full of half naked guys who just want to splash water on everyone and have fun! So, if you decide to visit Thailand and enjoy in Songkran, it’s time to pack your best swimming trunks or Speedos and have a blast!

Bangkok can get pretty crazy during Songkran, so it’s best to relax and go with the flow!


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