Gym time: Best home back exercises!

Summer is almost (well, kind of) upon us (unless you happen to live in Australia, and if you want to visit the land down under can give you a pretty sweet deal). That means we’ll soon be transitioning from sweaters and pullovers to tight shirts and short shorts, and it’s time to get in shape! Check out the best home back exercises that will help you achieve good posture and that V tapered look!

So-called “superman pose” might look weird, but it’s actually a great workout for your lower back. It’s especially helpful if you are experiencing lower back pain due to long hours spent sitting at work.

“Reverse snow angel” can help you develop your posterior shoulders and strengthen your traps.

“Dolphin kick” might require a bed or a bench where you can get a good grip, but it will also build your lower back!

“Hip hinges” are great for your back and will help you maintain your balance and build a stronger posterior wall.


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