Finally – an LGBT Doctor Who’s Companion!


Are you ready to travel to new worlds and discover wonders? Well, isn’t a TARDIS but it might help you find a nice guy who will gladly travel with you! Meanwhile, a bit of good news for the fans of British sci-fi TV shows – Doctor Who finally got an LGBT companion!

Bill Potts, played by award winning actress Pearl Mackie, is the newest Doctor Who companion – in the best tradition of Rose and Donna, Bill hails from an everyday background, working in the university cafeteria.

The whole idea of her sexuality is woven into the first episode of Season 10 (appropriately named “The Pilot”), and her paramour becomes the deadly threat, chasing her and the Doctor across all of space and time. There is even a Dalek thrown in there as well!

Many critics note that Doctor Who was long overdue with LGBT inclusion – but it’s better to do it right than to force it, right?

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