Artem Kolesov: Out and Proud!

Chances are that you’ve probably never heard of Artem Kolesov – this 23-year old Russian violinist is a great musician, but he’s not really a public person. Well, that all changed last week when he e-mailed Buzzfeed: “Hello, I know that you receive thousands of emails every day, but I would like to share my story with you.”

“I (came out),” he wrote, “Because it breaks my heart to know how many Russian children and other LGBT youth around the world feel like they’re alone.

I never heard anything good about gay people,” he says. “All I knew was that gays are the people who everyone should hate. I was scared because I knew that I was gay. I didn’t know anyone who I could talk to about it. It seemed that I was the only gay person in Russia. If you are watching this video and you or someone you know is in a difficult situation, know that I love you and that your happiness is worth living and fighting for.

Take a look at this coming out video:



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