Destination Dallas: Purple Party!

Have you visited Dallas recently? If you weren’t planning on visiting Dallas, maybe it’s time to reconsider – Purple Party is gonna happen right there next weekend!

And if you’re having trouble with your travel arrangements, it’s time to turn to – we can help you find that cute Dallas guy who will show you the local sights!

Purple Party will happen from 27th of April till 1st of May – and you might be wondering what it’s all about? “Purple Foundation produces several dance fundraisers and social events throughout the year. Purple Foundation’s premier dance fundraiser, Purple Party Weekend, is a sensational weekend of dance events featuring electrifying visual performances and music by some of the world’s most popular DJs. Purple Party Weekend attracts dance-music lovers from all over the world and is the largest nonprofit, all-volunteer charity dance weekend in the United States.  In addition to Purple Party Weekend, Purple Foundation produces Purple Pride Weekend, during Dallas Gay Pride Weekend, and several quarterly dance events at various Dallas venues.”

You can check out their official website and find out more about schedule, events, DJs and parties!

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