Ollie Locke about his coming out!

Ollie Locke, of Made in Chelsea fame, probably caught your eye – he’s a real eye candy and we’re not afraid to admit it! But Ollie caused quite a stir when he first came out as bisexual, and then he came out as gay back in 2016! He decided to share his struggles with the world and explain why he first identified as bisexual.

It was one of the most difficult things because I didn’t know my sexuality, but I wanted to put it on the show. It was a big decision to talk about it.” Ollie said: “Bisexuality wasn’t talked about in the same way six years ago. People didn’t understand it and people didn’t particularly like it.”

The ridicule I got from not saying I was gay immediately was unreal. It was judged highly. It wasn’t fair.

Ollie had a girlfriend and lived with her for quite some time: “I lived with a woman last year when I was off camera and we had two dogs together,” he stated. “Then when we broke up in December 2015, I thought, ‘That’s it now , I think I’m now gay’.”

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