Gay Uber Commercial!

Uber might get you anywhere close, but can get you across the continents – nonetheless, it’s time to check out this cute commercial for Uber ride-sharing service that features a slight twist with a gay flavor!

The official description says that it’s based on a real story! “Based on a real series of tweets by Uber rider AJ Tabangay, watch how he reacted when he ended up in an uberPOOL ride with his crush. Because sometimes, it’s more than just a ride. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for.” The whole thing is taking place in the Philippines – which are also an amazing place to visit during your summer holiday!

And if you need some more “gay” commercials, have you noticed the Coca-Cola ad featuring brother and sister fighting over a hunky pool cleaner? It evokes something right out of the ’70-es – especially the ending twist! But the brother sure is cute as a button!

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