San Francisco: Hottest Gay Bars! (I)

It’s hard to pin the hottest gay bar in San Francisco – this city offers an unprecedented level of entertainment and fun for any gay traveler! Of course, you can easily find your cute SF guy thanks to – but it’s always good to know which bars and clubs are the best!

The Stud is an incredible place – can you imagine a gay bar that has half a century of tradition? That’s The Stud for you: superb drag entertainment, lots of hot guys dancing and some of the best cocktails in town!

Powerhouse bar is a great place if you want to spend your night with guys who love leather and all things erotic! Bring your best leather outfit – you’re gonna need it!

Of course, The Eagle is a legend amidst SF’s gay bars – it’s been there for decades and it will probably last through the next century or so. It’s easily the hottest leather bar in all of SF! (Located on 398 12th St)




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