Meet Pierre and Adrien Gaubert!

Have you ever heard of Pierre and Adrien Gaubert? These two are twin brothers, young entrepreneurs from France and they’re both gay! They also took home Young LGBT Entrepreneur Award back in 2015 awarded by Attitude magazine for their career-networking site aimed at LGBT people.

And how it is to be gay and have a gay twin brother? “We don’t have a specific taste in men but sometimes, yes, we are definitely attracted to the same [type of] guy. But if he doesn’t make a clear-cut choice from the beginning then he is out of the game for both of us. But let’s be honest we have got hysterical a couple of times over a man! Last time was in Lisbon, we had to leave the club because we started a huge drama.”

Adrien: “I was the first one to come out as openly gay and live a true life. Pierre was a reluctant to come out as we did not live in a friendly environment (a small village in the South of France). We both knew we were gay since we were teenagers (or maybe even before, when dressing up with our grandma’s clothes)!

And if you want to snag your Frenchie it’s time to come to and find him!

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