Naked Gardening Day!

Have you heard of WNGD? World Naked Gardening Day is a thing, and it has its own Wikipedia entry! It serves to promote both gardening and body acceptance – which is great, because now we can check out all the hot guys that undressed and showed us their bushes! (no pun intended, we’re talking about gardening!)

Since Naked Gardening Day falls every first Saturday in May, we get to choose the hottest pics from Instagram and check them out! And if you want to find someone who loves gardening as much as you do – it’s time to check out!

Eh, why the hell not. #nakedgardeningday

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Happy National Naked Gardening Day. (Yes that's a thing.) #nakedgardeningday

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#worldnakedgardeningday2017 #goodmorning #nakedgardeningday #worldnakedgardeningday

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