“Everyone is Welcome” in LA!

Thinking about visiting Los Angeles? West Coast is beautiful, but the city of angels has something no other city has to offer – a certain charm that cannot be duplicated! And if you want to enjoy the local bars and clubs even more – it’s time to turn to yec.com and find that cute LA guy who will show you all the local watering holes!

The latest marketing campaign called “Discover Los Angeles” features a lot of same-sex couples – including Madonna’s choreographer Megan Lawson and dancer, Jo’Artis Ratti (Big Mijo), as well as Layla Shaikely, creator of the #mipsterz (Muslim hipsters) trend.

Discover LA has stated that “Diversity and inclusivity have always been a part of what makes Los Angeles beautiful.”

CEO of Discover Los Angeles, Ernest Wooden Jr., said that “We together have the opportunity right now to showcase the value travel has on humanity, despite the barriers which governments religions political beliefs and economics can seemingly build.”

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