American Gods: Salim and Jinn!

Are you ready for something completely different? We’ve seen all kinds of same sex romances on small screens in recent years – but American Gods are promising something very, very different!

For those of us who’ve read the book – this won’t be a big spoiler: lonely Salim, a Muslim man from Oman, is about to have his world rocked when he encounters the Jinn, a sort-of-deity that came to America through someone’s belief. And they’ll have a steamy, passionate scene! “We wanted to make sure that it was undeniably beautiful for even those who were uncomfortable with same-sex romance” stated Bryan Fuller, the show-runner.

I remember when they sent me the script describing somebody being filled by an ejaculation of flames,’” Neil Gaiman stated during a panel discussion. “I’m going, ‘This is beautifully written in the script. Obviously they won’t actually do this … Only a madman would write this.’

That was something that Bryan brought that helped me understand what the goal was going to be, and why it was going to be worth doing something that, on a production level, was very hard,” said Michael Green, another show-runner, and he “approached it as a straight man just thinking, This is a beautiful romantic story between two people who find each other … I saw it as a story of a god giving a man permission to be himself and to enjoy sex and to be made love to.”

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