Onze Jongens: Dutch Magic Mike!

Do you know what Onze Jongens means in Dutch? It means “our guys” or “our boys” – but it’s also the name of a recent movie that’s been heating up theaters in Netherlands in recent weeks!

Of course, Netherlands is beautiful and inspiring, and it’s no wonder that you can find so many people on yec.com who wanna visit it! But if you want to check out Dutch guys first, it’s time to look for the movie and enjoy in these hot guys!

The plot is fairly  simple – it’s about five construction workers who realize that girls aren’t that interested in construction business, but they are interested in hot and muscular guys! So they decide to start stripping in order to earn much-needed cash and then all kinds of hilarious things happen! If you don’t believe us, check out the trailer – it’s pretty hot!

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