CSD Zürich – the Best Gay Pride Ever!

Don’t get confused – CSD Zürich actually merges Pride parade in Zurich with Christopher Street Day! June 2-12 (yes, ten days of parties and events) are the dates for this amazing event in Switzerland – and if have never visited this beautiful Alpine country before, now is the time! You can find your European travel buddy thanks to yec.com and enjoy the ride!

In addition to parties and events, Zurich Pride also has a strong message:

Zurich Pride clearly urges that:
  • people who flee because of their sexual orientation or gender identity be recognised as refugees in Switzerland.
  • the specific situation of LGBT asylum seekers be taken into consideration (e.g. interviews must be carried out by trained personnel who have the necessary sensitivity – this also applies to interpreters).
  • no asylum application be rejected on the grounds that the person could behave discreetly in his or her home country.
  • if homosexual acts are a punishable offence in a particular country, this is a sufficient reason for fleeing – regardless of how often the penalties are actually imposed.
  • LGBT asylum seekers be housed outside the asylum centres/group accommodation in accommodation that is safe for them; partners are not to be separated.
  • the authorities inform LGBT asylum seekers about counselling centres and contact points for LGBT refugees so that they can access them more easily.
  • we will not tolerate any xenophobia, racism, and fetishism of ethnic origin or any other forms of violence and discrimination against refugees at Pride.”

You can find more info on their official website!

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