Summer Bonanza: Unique Ice-cream Flavors!

You’ve probably tasted some unique flavors of ice-cream – everyone’s favorite summer delight – while you were travelling (thanks to of course). But there are some types of ice-cream out there that definitely defy culinary logic!

Wasabi ice-cream looks incredibly nice – like something made with mint or lemons. But those of you who are frequent visitors of sushi bars and know what wasabi is… We needn’t tell you more! It’s a chilly, spicy sauce that goes great with your sushi – but we can’t imagine it as an ice-cream flavor!

Bacon ice-cream combines bacon with different ice-cream flavors – but it might be too over the top, don’t you think?

Again: lobsters are great on their own, and so is ice-cream. Some things just shouldn’t be mixed!

Mulunggay ice-cream flavor comes from the Philippines and at a glance it might look like something refreshing and exotic. It’s actually their version of horseradish!

Jalapeno strawberry ice-cream? No thank you – jalapenos are great for any kind of meat and salads, but we want our ice-cream to be yummy and delicious, hot super-hot!

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