Best Home Exercises for Your Delts!

Delts, traps… What can we say about the muscle groups that we collectively call “shoulders”? Well, they’re usually neglected during training – “I’ve worked my shoulders with my pecs”, “they’re a small muscle group”, “I don’t have time for delts, they’re okay anyway”… Wrong! Nice deltoid muscles and trapezius muscles are what makes us look broader, more masculine and sends a lot of sexy signals to our paramour from – so check out these amazing shoulder exercises!

Pullups are pretty much self-explanatory – and you can easily install a bar in your own home! They aren’t just good for delts, but but your back muscles, biceps, triceps and pecs!

Guys, push-ups aren’t just good for your arms and pecs – they do a lot of deltoid-building too!

Ever heard of Pike push-ups? Well, they’re simulating a deltoid exercise with dumbbells – but this way you can just do a quick 3-4 sessions at your own home and enjoy in nice big round delts in a few weeks!

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