Derren Brown Speak of His Coming Out!

Those of us who love magic and illusion probably know who Derren Brown – he’s British David Blaine! He recently spoke about his coming out and his past:

I look at kids now, and… not everywhere and not at all schools or strata of society… but it seems much less of an issue now. There is a much more accepting culture now at schools. When I was growing up, it was like, you have this thing—what you think this massive terrible thing. A friend once came out to me over dinner as if he had this terrible news to impart to me. I remember thinking, ‘When I do this I won’t do it like this.’ It’s not that much of a big deal.

Derren came out back in 2007. He answered if he were worried about his coming out with: “Not really. I wasn’t going to change. I was still quite insecure, and magic and hypnosis was one way of patching up that insecurity. By being this impressive figure I was keeping people at bay. If I had come out earlier, I don’t know if I would be doing what I was doing. Something about that frustrated artificial bubble I was living in probably lent itself to the work I was doing.


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