Gus Kenworthy: Stripping Down for LGBT Charity!

No, this isn’t just an excuse to publish Gus Kenworthy in undies – there is a good reason behind it! Online company called MeUndies is having a field day with its campaign – they’re donating $1 from every undies they sell to LGBT youth center in Los Angeles!

Their campaign is called “Celebrate” and includes celebrities like Olympian Gus Kenworthy, writer B. Scott, and musician Big Freedia, to name a few.

Their creative director stated: “Our team is bursting with people who consider themselves part of the community, so we all felt compelled to get involved. That doesn’t happen by sitting in your office thinking you can just tell people how to feel and what to buy. It happens when you engage with the world. We never saw this as a chance to tick the gay box. We’re certainly not walking away, patting ourselves on the back after Pride Month — we are already talking with the center about some more long-term ways in which we can support them.”



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