Icelandair: Gay Ad!

Iceland is a great place to visit – you could have read about it on our blog – and they might be a small country in terms of population, but when it comes to LGBT acceptance they have a huge heart! Besides, all jokes and metaphors aside, Iceland had one of the first openly gay prime ministers in the world, Johanna Sigurdardottir (yes, we can’t pronounce her last name either). But this time it’s the Icelandair, their national airliner, which made the headlines – with its inclusive ad!

The ad is featuring a middle-aged gay male couple touring the country’s sights – which include the Northern Lights and that huge and gorgeous Gullfoss waterfall.

This ad portrays a cultural trip to Iceland and the group it’s aimed at is people who travel to enjoy what life has to offer with their loved ones. So it was an obvious choice to use a loving middle-aged couple for such an ad; it’s worked well for us in the past. But this time we thought: why not add to the diversity and make this loving, middle-aged couple a same-sex couple?” said Jón Skafti Kristjánsson, Icelandair’s brand manager for Gay Iceland.

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