Luck of the Irish: Dublin Pride!

Perhaps you’ve already found your paramour at but you two aren’t sure where to travel together? Or you’re just chatting with this really cool guy and you want to take him somewhere special? Well, you’re in luck – Dublin Pride parade is almost upon us, and you’d be smart to pack your bags and head to Ireland!

Dublin Pride is always held on the last week(end) of June – this year it falls between 23rd and 26th of June! And with the possibility that Leo Vardaukar might become the new (and first openly gay) prime minister of Ireland, things are looking bright for Dublin pride fest!

You can check out the official schedule here: link to Dublin Pride site.

The Pride Parade is always a highlight of our annual festival. It is an opportunity for us to march in solidarity and hear the power of our voices combined. It is also a chance for us to celebrate, to celebrate ourselves, our diversity, our achievements and our friends. Admission to the Pride Parade is free for individuals and community groups that support the ideals and principles of Pride, though registration is required for all groups taking part.”

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