What Defines a “Jock”?

What defines a jock? Is it the muscles? The rugged looks? The style, outfit, equipment, the way he walks or talks? Of course, it’s easy to find a jock when you’re on yec.com – but take a look at what other guys say about what makes a jock!

It’s simple. When I use the term [gay jock] it means that I am a masculine guy and that I prefer to hook up with guys who are the same. It means you act like a man.”

I work out a lot at the gym and prefer to meet guys who do the same. So when I put that in my description [gay jock] it’s my way of letting people know my body type and what I’m looking for.”

I use it because I’m bisexual. I’m also athletic and workout. When you put them together, it’s OK to say it. All jock really means is that you hit the gym a lot.”

Jock is in my info because I’m a body builder. I spend a lot of time there and have worked hard to get my body as cut as it is. My profile also says I am attracted to the same types of guys. Didn’t you see muscle worship in my profile?

When I was in high school and college, I used to play different sports. I’m still active at the gym five days a week and play volleyball. So yeah, to my mind, I feel OK with calling myself that.”

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