Head West for Seattle Pride!

Have you been thinking of travelling in late June? Well, if you are free around June 25th, you should probably head to west coast, and then head north to Seattle – because Seattle Gay Pride will take place in June 25th!

Of course, you can easily find a guy who will travel with you – just come to yec.com and you will have a hard time choosing just one guy who will travel to this fantastic pride parade with you!

PrideFest 2017 is coming soon! Saturday June 24 on Capitol Hill and Sunday June 25 at Seattle Center. This year, we’ll celebrate all the ways we’re stronger together: gay bi and straight, white black and brown, trans cisgendered and intersex, and every color of the rainbow in between. PrideFest is the largest free Pride Festival in the country and the busiest day at the Seattle Center throughout the entire year!”

You can check out the official schedule here – and with more than 150,000 attendants, Seattle Pride is one of the biggest in the US!

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